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Friday, December 19, 2008


One of my favorite Krishna Das Songs...reminds me of NYC, Nicole & Dharma.

Work work work!
How do yogis do it? It is so hard to balance home life, a crazy job and practice. But yogis do it.
I need to get a better grip on it!
My practice this week has been very very little. I've had little sleep and have put my job and work before everything. Which as we all know is not healthy.
Well...we all slip up so there you have it.
My body needs a good night sleep and I will get back to a true practice.

Speaking of Practice:
I did put my deposit down for the 5 day workshop/training: Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training and Certificationwith Stephanie Keach
I am looking forward to:
1) 5 days of doing yoga!!
2) Time away from work and daily stress
3) Yoga, Reading, Making Veggie meals at this awesome house we are staying at (me and a fellow friend are heading to Ashville!)
4) Learning Adjustments
5) Hopefully learning new things to take with me
:) It will be a fun trip!

So, I have found as the week went on I became more physically exhausted.
I need it to stay sane at the office at the very least :)
With the holidays it seems everything seems to become escalated.
I've been reading a lot of blogs about destressing. So a few tips (and reminders for myself!)
1) Fresh food will help your body feel healthy and help your mental state. Fresh Juice!! :)
2) Pranayama (Dharma's DVD has an amazing pranayama instruction)
3) Getting on our mats! No matter for how long, just getting there is a reset button
4) Loving on a furry friend! If you don't have one venture to this Brown Pup Blog to love on one virtually. They are so cute you can't help it!
5) Listening to Krishna Das or Bhagavan Das

P.S. Georgia Peoples!! Krishna Das is coming back in 2009! Check out Jai shanti

Okay off to bed

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shinyyoga said...

agreed! one of my favourites too! thanks for linking the footage xx