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Monday, December 8, 2008


Tonight that was my focus point. It is a piece of my practice I work on each day to improve a bit. It is a difficult transition piece in my practice. Tonight in Mysore my teacher was working with me to roll over my toes and not have my knees touch the ground while in up dog. If you do yoga you know this sounds easy, but when you are still somewhat of a beginner it can be difficult.

Here is a youtube video from Sadie Nardini. I really like her videos and her power yoga.

Mysore class was a nice sweaty workout. I was exhausted by the time I reached Navasana. My teacher told me to still work through the series and modify as needed. I hope one day I can get through an entire primary series in Mysore on my own. And also get into sirsasana without the wall! One day! :)

One day at a time. It is all about the intention right.

I took a nice hot bath after class. Ate dinner and now off to bed.

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