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Sunday, November 30, 2008


I live about 48 miles from the studio I practice at. Yep, I've tracked it!
It takes me 1 hour to commute to the studio. And it is worth it when I can make the time. When I have an hour to commute to the studio, 1.5 hours for my practice and another 1 hour to commute home. It is totally worth the direction and adjustments from the teachers at Balance.
I've searched and searched and there are no studios south of Atlanta. So in order to get the right instruction I pack a yoga bag at least 1 time a week and head into Atlanta.

But with my work schedule which is typically 7:30 am until 6:00 pm, I can only get to the studio 1-2 times a week. So what does a rural yogi do. We improvise and we turn to the home practice.

Of course with direction from my teacher, wonderful DVDs, Youtube and sticking with my Ashtanga Practice Manuel.

In my last post I stated I have used every excuse in the book for not getting on my mat. I love to hit snooze!! I work so late by the time I get home it is 7 or 8 in the evening, time for dinner and to see my husband. So I've played this game with myself for months.

So my husband has helped to create a comfortable space in our home for me to practice. This way I do not have any excuses to roll out of bed and onto my mat.
I have 2 spaces. One is in our sunroom which is not heated. It has a fan and lots of windows. It is a wonderful place to practice in the spring and summer.

And recently we improvised with a space indoors that is heated. As many of you know Ashtanga & Vinyasa needs to be practiced in a warm environment.
So we improvised. I have pictures below.

Here is my Sunroom Area

Here is my new improvised space for the winter.

It is a piece of finished wood for my mat. I have a little alter and I share this space with my craft area.

So tomorrow starts a new week and my commitment to a daily yoga practice.


Brian said...

I'm impressed. That's some serious dedication just to go to a yoga studio. I'm terrible about going to yoga class, although I really need to find the time. It's nice to find another southern yogi.

Southern Yoga Student said...

Hi Brian & fellow southern yogi! :)
I really enjoy your blog.
You know the hardest part of this practice for me is continuing to practice on my own at home. I become lazy and do not push myself as I should. I guess that is part of the journey though. Discipline :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, so jealous! I live with my partner in a one-bed flat, so have to turf him out of the living room if I want to use my DVD, and we have just enough room at the end of our bed if I want to practice in the bedroom!

Mind you, I'm lucky, I live a 10 minute bike ride from the studio. If I wasn't so poor at the moment, I could go there!