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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Setting Intentions

Today has been a nice relaxing day.
I slept in missing Primary Led Class at Balance, but I needed the rest and will intend on practicing this evening at home.
Denver & I have been reading and just having a relaxing Sunday, Chai is taking a nice long nap next to Denver.
So while online I was searching blogs that I've recently started reading.
I liked this post and it got me thinking about my Intentions for 2009.
My theme is going to be Prana- Energy, Breath, Life force.

So My intentions for 2009:
  • I want to move back towards a vegan lifestyle. Currently Denver and I are vegetarians, we fell off the vegan wagon. :( And in my opinion you must feed your body with good Prana including food and asana.
  • Continuing with my daily practice.
  • I want to give back more
  • Slow down more, breathing more.

What are your intentions for 2009?


irishyogini said...

I'm going to do an Intentions post later this week when I can really and truly devote some time to think about it. I'm so very excited about next year - I think it's going to be wonderful!

Brooks Hall said...

Up with forgiveness. Down with anger. Two thousand nine finances are fine...

Marya said...

Love your intentions! In my bigger and better theme for 2009 I'm also working on refining my diet (I've already made changes!) and developing a stronger yoga and meditation practice. Thanks for sharing!