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Monday, June 1, 2009

Friends & Yoga <3

I had a wonderful weekend with a truly wonderful friend. I will post more in detail later this week when I have some time.
I have pictures to share.
I miss Nicole already! Having her around is so uplifting and she is awesome!

I am grateful for true friends and for this practice that has given me so many amazing things in my life thus far!
Plus I am 100% certain I want to do my teacher training with Stephanie Keach. The Master Class was fun. I just enjoy her energy.

I will not be doing the training in Chattanooga though; the town just wasn't for me.
I really loved Asheville 1000 times more. Much more my pace. The setting in Asheville just seems to cultivate a more compassionate and calm mind within myself. Perhaps because in that town I found my teacher. :)
Regardless the weekend rocked, the weather was perfect and I was in amazing company.

Much to do at the office.
Have a great week!

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Mandy said...

It's amazing how yoga with friends is so inspiring. I love to just have mine next to me, even if we don't share a single word. I am thankful I found your blog...I am a fan of Shannon at 5 points in Athens too, haven't been yet, but love Shannon (we have shared many a Anusara class)!