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Monday, June 29, 2009

Pain in my neck.

Last night I watched True Blood. Sometimes that show is beyond cheesey but I like it anyway...

I didn't want to get up this morning...I didn't want to practice. Well I did but my body wanted to lay in bed.
However, I did a short vinyasa practice followed by 10 min. of meditation before leaving for work.

Oh neck is killing me today.
I think I've been sleeping in odd shapes lately. I've been waking up with a tense neck or minor pain. This morning I woke up around 3:00 with it hurting pretty bad.
I heated up one of my homemade lavender eye pillows in the microwave and used it as a heating pad on my way to work. It helped with the tense muscles.
I am thinking of going to taget at lunch to see about investing in a more supportive pillow. I think it might be time. My pillows have no support and are very lumpy. Any suggestions?
Also any suggestions on how to reduce the tense muscle and pain? I took an Advil because it was hurting pretty bad.

This week my co-worker/team mate is on vacation. She is out until 7/7 so it will be a little bit heavier of a work load.
I will make it though. We are closed on Friday. I may go to the 9:30 Power yoga class on Friday with Marsha.
That would be a good way to spend my day off right?
Tonight I plan to go home (Not going to the 6 week workshop--I didn't make it home until almost midnight last week...that is wayyy too late for me)
So tonight I hope to go home, do a yin sequence from the DVD, meditation, reading and hanging out. I understand now why they say that Light on Yoga is sometimes considered the Bible of Yoga. It really does go over the concept and summarizes yoga as a practice.

Okay...time to get some work done.


Tiko said...

I had neck pains a few years ago that just wouldn't go away. It was more like a muscle strain. And, everytime I woke up in the morning it would hurt. I knew that my neck needed to rest while I slept, but my pillows weren't supportive enough for that. I ended up buying a tempurpedic pillow from Brookstone. It did the trick! After a few nights the pain was completely gone. I ended up returning the pillow, however, because I'm a little leary of the materials they use to make the pillow. The chemicals they use to make it are not healthy. But, still wanted to offer the suggestion. I simply purchased a good quality pillow (firm) to use from there on out and I never had any problems since.

Farnoosh said...

What a pleasure it is to see that I am one of the blogs that you follow. So very glad you enjoy the posts, and likewise, I am enjoying reading your yoga journey.
I had a long series of neck pains and I do have a tempurepedic pillow too. Massages, chiro adjustment, and nothing helped so I went to take an xray and it shows a muscle pinch. So I ended up taking muscle relaxers much to my dismay but a combination of all that, and lots of neck exercises helped. Hope you feel better soon!!!