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Saturday, September 5, 2009


This weekend is a long weekend. I have a plan. A small one but it is a start.
I have been complaining about all the "stuff" we've accumulated since being in this house 7 years. It is starting to close in.
I walk into the kitchen and the bathroom and just feel like there is too much to look at and to Clean!
So I am going to work on making my home more "zen-like" to me that means minimalistic and clean.
It will take time...because my husband is a collector. He finds tons of reasons to keep things and then makes me 2nd guess myself on if I should donate this sweater or this Picture.
But, There is too much STUFF everywhere.

So my plan this weekend is just cleaning out my clothes. I can't find anything in my tiny closet and dresser.
I have limited room but really need to pair down. I have in my closest that I haven't worn in years.
Time to pass them onto someone else who may get more use of it.
I would do a garage sale, but there is no parking at my home and I live in the country! :)
So the long term plan is to really clean up the clutter then just a few items around the house need a small face lift like paint and new curtains. That is a bit down the road. And then there are things that need HUGE facelifts like our deck and painting the house.

There are some great ideas I have for my yoga room as well. That is MUCH further away. Things like installing a floating bamboo floor and painting the room. But little victories and small goals will get me closer to the goal. Right now my goal is to feel comfortable and not overwhelmed by the stuff in my home.

Each week I am going to make a goal to tackle one room at a time. Getting rid of the things I can see. Then working my way into the drawers of the kitchen, the cabinets and then all the closests. Might take a month or so. But one room/item a week I plan to tackle. How about you? Want to join in??

I really like this site: Zen Habits
This artile is what reminded me mit was time to just start: Guide to Creating a Minimalist Home

Another great article is this one in regards to early rising: 10 Benefits to Rising Early
I've been slacking on getting up early enough to do my morning Asana and Meditation practice and also to eat! I've been running aorund and out of the house in a haze. So reading this reminded me how much I enjoy my morning and the peace of the day...but I have to actually leave my bed in order to do that :)

Just thought I would pass some of this on.
Now off to eat dinner and read.

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