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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ashtangi's Post

"As much as you give to your practice; it gives to you as well"- Kino MacGregor

Are you looking for some yoga inspiration or perhaps guided mediations?
Kino MacGregor has revamped her personal website and has added a Free Podcast page. They are very interesting and require now downloading; which I like. The Podcast on the very bottom of the page: Yoga Talk Q&A and Chanting Ireland Sept 2009 by Kino MacGregor- is really a good one to start with :) Kino is an amazing Ashtanga Yoga Teacher. I've taken a workshop from her and mysore classes as well.

Some Ashtangi events coming up in Atlanta (thanks to the Amazing Ashtanga & Vinyasa School-Balance Yoga)

Paul Dallaghan is conducting an Ashtanga Workshop
Kino is coming to Atlanta in 2010 to Balance Yoga. Plan ahead Ashtangi's!

Utthita Trikonasana (Old photo of my Ashtanga Practice)


Marie said...

Those look awesome! I looked on their page and found that Rolf Gates is coming in January. I think I will get my money together and definitely head to ATL for that workshop. I actually did my first ashtanga sequence in class today and I was sweating profusely! It was so good though :)

Flo said...

Yep- Rolf will be there in January and again in 2011 for teacher training!
I hear wonderful things about him. I have his Meditations from the mat as well. :) Highly recommend it!