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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mysore----I'm Sore

So. I went to my first mysore class in what I think has been 6-7 months?
I went to a class a month ago thinking it was mysore but was recently changed to Primary Led Series.
So, I sucked up my nerves and reviewed the Practice Card I purchased at Moksha last year when I went to a workshop with Kino MacGregor.
I went to the mysore class taught through Ashtanga Yoga Atlanta. Balance only offers Mysore classes in the morning (and they don't have a shower...actually no studios in Atlanta that offer mysore classes have showers) so I can't practice, shower and head to work. Instead I have to do my practice after work.
Anyway, I went yesterday and mind you I was very worried for no real good reason; other than being a little worried about my body and how it would hold through the very demanding primary series. I talked to the teacher before class and let him know I hadn't practiced in some time. So I practiced up to Navasana. Thank goodness, my body was shaking by that point.
Plus my toe is not completly healed and made jumping back painful, so I opted to simply step back for each vinyasa.

So my practice was a wake up call. It reminded me how demading the Ashtanga practice is. It also reminded me to do more twists because my back was in shock when I went into Marichasana C.

All in all I enjoyed practice. When I was leaving I noticed my arms and legs were still shaky. Must be the muscle fatigue. I do intent to try and get to one mysore class a week to incorporate into my daily practice.

Let me tell I am more sore thany I've been in so long. I hope it takes only a few weeks to get used to it again. Feels like I started yoga all over again for some reason...

Tonight..I teach vinyasa flow at the gym.


Tiko | said...

I've been to one Mysore since I've moved back to Atlanta. Because I live so far, my goal has been to go on Sundays, and practice on my own during the week. Trying to get back into the daily habit has been difficult. Sigh...hopefully I will soon. Congrats on going and doing as much as you did...I'm sure, even though you're sore, you feel great! :)

Flo said...

Where are you taking mysore? Is it Yoga Samadhi? If so we should meet some Sunday (I plan on doing Sundays and Mondays)
Maybe grab tea/coffee after sometime.