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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Water Logged....

Well if you've watched the news you know that Georgia is a little waterlogged. All the roads around my office are closed down and underwater. Lots of damage and it was a little crazy on Monday. It took me 2 hours to get to the office. It gradually got worse so today I stayed home and tried to get some work done. There were some kinks with my work laptop and DSL. My personal laptop has a built in wireless card and it is so much faster. I am trying to work out some details in order to work from home once a week on and off to help with the cost of my hour long commute.

Anyway, the city is pretty damaged and they are tryign to dry out. My home is fine; however most people in the area I work need your thoughts.

On a lighter note, I've been reading and practicing yoga when I can get on my mat. Trying to prepare for training which is fast approaching.
I am trying not to stress out. However, the finances are tight right now. With some changes at work and such we are having to really look at our home budget and look at making cuts.

The Erich Schiffmann book is really making an impression on me so far. I am 1/2 way through and really enjoy his approach. In the beginning it took some getting used to. But I am really opening up to it.

What else...Oh I dyed my hair. I was bored, Denver said why not go red (he loves red hair) so I did...

it's a little daker than I like. However, I know reds fade quickly and I will soon be back to a light strawberryish blond... :)
Anyway, not much else to really talk about. Just being and trying to stay positive and focused.
Trying. :)


Eco Yogini said...

the red hair looks fabulous!
I had no idea there were floods- hopefully everyone will be alright!

Liz said...

As a survivor of the Midwest floods of 2008, my heart and my most powerfully-healing thoughts go out to you and everyone in your area.

As a fellow redhead, I welcome you to the club. :) It's fabulous!

Marie Baker said...

Hi Flo!!

I found your blog this weekend and I absolutely love it! I am new to yoga and your blog is so inspiring to me. It makes me even want to start my own :) I have been thinking about you guys in the ATL area this week. My sister lives in Snellville and my aunt lives in ATL, so I've been trying to keep tabs on what's going on. Keep your head up and everything will alright :) Thanks again for the wonderful blog.

Flo said...

Thank you for all the nice thoughts and words. A typical 1 hour commute ended up being 3 hours this morning. But it could have been worse!
I also hope this dark red fades to a very pretty light red. That was my goal anyway :)

Tracy said...

i must have been slacking off...
i never even saw your new hair color! But i LOVE it on you!!! It SO suits you my friend~~~xxx