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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Curve balls

I had to go back to my doctor today. So I am on a stronger antibiotic; Ciproflaxin which is noted to cause tendon rupture. It even warns you on the bottle/paper.
Of course the internet is a evil place because I started reading reports that some patients experienced rupture even 6 months after the treatment. Mind you this is the 2nd time I've been on this antibiotic for an infection.

So I am being careful and paranoid I am sure...but I am not going to push myself in Mysore right now. I am not sure why this is happening right when I intended to start my Mysore practice again. But...I can't change it and I need to make sure I do what is right for the long run.

Also...My toe is still not healed. I talked with my podiatrist and she has scheduled me for a Pre-Op appointment. She decided that after 3 treatements it is time for surgery. So, I should have the out patient procedure next week hopefully. I also hope that gives me close to 4 weeks to heal prior to teacher training.
So if anything...this is reminding me to not have attachment to my practice. Also, it reminded me that asana practice is a part of the yoga path/lifestyle. I can still do a gentle flow practice followed with meditation and pranayama.

See, I found when I think I have things figured out...when I think I am on "my path" life throws you curve balls and all I can do is be open to them and willing to listen, learn and move forward.

Perhaps I am being over-cautious. Perhaps.
But, what else can I do? I could really push it in my practice and regret it. Or just listen to what my inner teacher is saying and go a bit slower.

Wait...people my husband not only cooked us dinner...BUT he is doing the dishes right now. He must feel bad for me being in this crappy mood and pain for the last week. He is awesome.

So, anyway...not much else. I did do a 45 min. practice when I got in tonight. It helped to loosen up my sore muscles. My first Chattarunga was PAINFUL...but after a few more my muscles really warmed up and no longer ached the way they did before.
So that is a positive.
Well I hope you have a great night. I am headed to watch So you think you can dance.


Tracy said...

I am so sorry to heat this news Flo..what kind of infection do you have?? I may have some tips for you if you want to email me....

on another note..your husband is a sweetie pie and so good to you~~ were both blessed with great men!
Be well~~ xx

Eco Yogini said...

Poor you! I'm glad that you have a 'plan' with your podiatrist, it sounds like you are making some sound decisions that are good for your life-health.
We talk so much about how yoga (asana) is good for us, helps us heal, but there are definite times when it is easy to push to hard.
Your practice will come back when you are ready. I think you're right- you will modify your practice, as yoga isn't just Mysore :)