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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Practice & Tofurky

Today's practice was difficult. Mentally and physically. I over slept--again. Which rushes my practice and I highly dislike. And I didn't make it to mysore at Balance.

I finally stopped goofing around and got on my mat. Unsure of what I would start with--I did the primary series up to Navasana with only a vinyasa between seated postures.
Forward folds were tough today. By the time I got to backbending I could only complete 3 that were decent.

In closing Halasana (Plow) was difficult. I think my upper back must not have been warmed up enough? Meditation was fine. It was better than asana.

However, I did realize that by the end I was shocked how fast the tiAdd Videome went by and that my upper arms were tired. So at least I pushed myself.
I really need to get a handle on my schedule- but that is typical for me.

Tonight we go to meditation with Bhante which will be a nice way to prepare for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

I intend to get up and practice. We also have 2 Tofurkey's in the fridge. Because my husband loves them so much! He likes to make tofurkey sandwhiches.

Not much else to report. Lots of reading to do this weekend!

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Helen said...

well done you made it to your mat, that's all we need to do. The rest unfolds.