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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Training-in-progress ॐ

The rain keeps pouring down here in Georgia. I beleive my driveway and yard is forming into a pond.
But seriously- we live in the country on 6 something acres of land. We have a long gravel driveway with a gravel parking area...and I beleive there is no gravel left. Just mud. So we need to look into getting that fixed.

This week has been busy. I am looking forward to heading to Asheville on Friday. Teacher training runs from Friday-Sunday. I really love being there. If I could---I'd move to Asheville. I love the area and everything about it. I am also hoping to eat some yummy vegan dishes at Rosetta's Kitchen (thanks Nicole for the tip) The great thing is that they are open late! Our training lets out around 9:00 PM on friday so I think this would be a nice way to end the evening.

In other yoga-teacher-training news. I have 6 papers to write. So Far I believe I've nailed down 2 of my topics.
Biography on SKP Jois
My very large paper about Yoga and Buddhism

I have several other papers to write like book reviews and such. But these are my first two and larger papers. So I need to at least start an outline.
Since I decided to do the biography on SKP Jois I was re-reading Yoga Mala. Since I haven't read this book since I first started Ashtanga years ago--it makes much more sense to me now.
I am not an advanced Ashtanga student by any means. I can only comfortably complete 1/2 primary without complete exhaustion. Granted I believe that will improve with constant practice. But regardless of the styles I try...I always land back at Ashtanga...and I can never understand why so I've stopped trying to.

Also, I am reading the Yoga Sutras (Sri Swami Satchidananda's translation)
I read book one in the past. I am re-reading book One and starting book two. Not a light read. But something you can pick up and digest bits and pieces each time.

Overall I am really enjoying diving into practice, study and training in general.
This Sunday I also assist Stepahnie in her Mast class. That will be a new experience!
Much love!!!
Off to get some work done.

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