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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pitta...all the way

So training this weekend was interesting! Filled with so much information and a little asana. The training is winding down. One more weekend of Asana and learning. Then our final weekend with our exam and one on one's with Steph!

So the weekend ended with Vishnu Das- a lecture and exercise on Ayurveda. I was SO inspired!
When we did out little worksheet and discussed our was almost comical for me personally. I have an Ayurveda book (strange enough it is the one by Vishnu Das Teacher! I got it last year thinking I would take a course and the book was required reading...but I never followed through...but it entered back into my life...INTERESTING) and I haven't read it yet!
But I've done a few of the Ayurveda tests in the past. So I grouped up with a fellow trainee and we helped each other verify our own opinions.
Get this
4 Vata
30 Pitta
3 Kapha

I am like full-blooded Pitta...and Vishnu agreed. (Well he actually said that: and after he looked at my hands) It is comical...because for my constitution I do everything Opposite that I should do and "over stoke" my pitta/fire.
I have some reading ahead...I just feel it :)

If you are Pitta Dosha predominant, you are very intelligent, logical and perceptive, although very critical too. You are also prone to fiery emotions such as irritability and anger and have no problem expressing them. You can be very convincing and articulate. You possess a strong will and are dignified, yet you also experience righteous indignation easily. You make a good leader and are helpful and kind to your friends and followers, but you can be cruel and unforgiving to your enemies.

With a Pitta predominant constitution, you tend to be bold and adventurous, inventive and ingenious. You are not very sentimental, have good discrimination and also a good memory. You enjoy power and would like to spread your name and fame around the world. Try to remain calm, especially in the summer, and cultivate felings of peace and compassion. Meditation is a must for you.

When aggravated, Pitta Dosha can cause an aggressive, controlling and destructive behavior, along with feelings of hatred, jealousy and vindictiveness. Pitta type of disorders include hyperacidity, ulcers, skin eruptions, colitis, Chron's disease, chronic fatigue, liver problems and many inflammatory conditions. Pitta governs digestion, assimilation, absorption, body temperature and metabolism.

So Friday I made it to the Jivamukti class with Stephanie Johnson at AYC. She has a really nuturing tone to her class. She was tough yet kind. The class also kicked my butt :)

Friday evening I headed to training; we had the lovely Shala. She was wonderful (as always) and we did a flow class focused on shoulders and wrists. Followed by our group relaxations we had to lead. Then final meditation.

Saturday was Anusara with Joe Taft. His class was focused on Psoas...if you've read my blog you know I have sciatica caused by my piriformis on my left side. (I've had an x-ray to rule out spinal issues and soon after saw Gina Minyard who helped me understand my issue)

The class was wonderful and I highly recommend practicing with Joe if you are interested in Anusara!!

Saturday we also had Dr. Biddle. He was interesting (to say the least) and had treated many "recovering Vegans and vegetarians" I will leave it at that. He was very funny, and direct and interesting to listen to!!

Sunday started with Marion...our last anatomy class. She is so wonderful at explaining anatomy. Seriously for anyone who hasn't taken an anatomy class this stuff is like an unfamiliar language.
However, Marion helps break it down for the "lay" people!!!

After lunch we haad Vishnu Das. Whom I mentioned at the beginning. Serioulsy, just take a moment and take the quiz on their site. Just look at it!

So...while heading out of class I started getting the allergy symptoms. Itchy throat, itchy eyes, etc...
About 20-30 min into my drive I was MISERABLE! I had a horrible reaction.
I took several benedryl. As of right now Iam still suffering. Itchy eyes, ears, nose and sore throat.

I feel like crap!

Ok...time for more benedryl, hot tea....and hopefully sleep if I can breathe!
P.S. Can't believe we only have 2 weekends left at training..... wow!
Here are some photos!

mark leading us in asana (above and below)

Ready for Chanting with Steph! (Don't I have the most beautiful amazing yoga teacher...Serioulsy!!!) And...she is an amazing singer!


Rachel @ Suburban Yogini said...

I can't believe your training is nearly over. It takes at least 2 years in the UK. That has its plus and minus points of course!

I am Vata almost 100%. *floats*

Emma said...

i think im pitta, too, but im really dark eyed, skinned, thick haired... which is kapha-esque, no?

Flo said...

Emma- Yes the physical trait of kapha is more leaning towards darker hair and eyes. There is a good test on Vishnu Das website I linked to above in case you are curious :)