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Monday, March 22, 2010

A new week and a new Asana

Happy Monday!
And we are greeted with light snow in Atlanta! How odd!!
This morning headed to mysore practice. It was yummy...again. I know that typically after a good practice; the next one seems a bit "rough" but today was pretty good.
Also, the mysore community at balance seems to be growing. I think when I left the room had 6 people. That is pretty good.

My practice was sweaty (as usual...) and my body felt pliable. I think not eating after 4:00/5:00 is making a difference in my morning practice.
Still working on my "jump throughs" I will get it one day.
Lets see...getting my head closer to the floor on Prasarita Padottanasana A which means my hamstrings are waking up :)

Was able to "touch" my hands in Marichyasana D but I can't balance and bind without my teacher. But the thing is that I was able to tough on both sides. So that is showing consistent progress. The thing is that it is a tough tough twist for me...but honestly it feels pretty awesome on my spine.

Hmmm...what else about practice; Oh yes!!!! My teacher moved me onto a new asana. No more stopping at Navasana. lol
So worked Bhuja Pidasana Always fun to work on something new and challenging. Then onto backbending...which was wonderful. I love backbending. One day I will be able to come up on my day.

So, this week will be busy. I finished both of my papers for training; Breathing book review and Yoga & Hinduism. My brain got so overloaded when I was doing the 2nd paper. Goodness!

Friday I head back up to Asheville. May is going to be here so quick!!
Okay, lots to do! Enjoy your Monday.


Emma said...

light snow?????

Helen said...

nice to hear about your changes, congratulations on the new asana, it's nice to explore something new.