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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Spring is here! It is sun shining and 70+ degrees outside today.
Along with spring I have what I believe is my very first chest cold. I don't remember ever really having one before. Most of my colds are always sinus related.
So this has been a difficult 2-3 days. Yesterday I officially lost my voice. Today it is still very manly sounding and comes and goes. Doesn't work well with the phone calls I make for work.

Today I made some homemade ginger tea and that seemed to help with the discomfort a bit.
I will make another pot in a moment.
Very simple:
Grate or cut fresh ginger
Use filtered water
Place into pot and bring to boil
Cook on low/medium 10 min
Cover and remove from stove to steep for an additional 10min
Mix in Honey and lemon if you desire. Honey is great for soothing your throat as well; and raw honey is best.

**It can be pretty spicy!**

Not much asana this week. My body craves it but I can't truly with advice from a friend I've done legs up the wall and meditation. That has been my practice this week.


Brooks Hall said...

Feel better soon!

Lindsay Fields said...

Hi! So glad to have found your blog! A little cayenne pepper in the ginger/lemon tea can help clear things out a bit. Spicy! Namaste