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Monday, March 1, 2010

Last day as a 30yr old :)

This morning I hit my mat for mysore practice at Balance yoga. My last practice as a 30year old. Tomorrow when I get on my mat I will be one year older....which is odd because I don't feel over 23-25 years old...

Anyway, this morning was a good turn out. About 6-7 of us I think. I was able to use my new Manduka Mat. It was a birthday present and the last mat that will need to be purchased for my use. It will take a few practices to get that slick layer off the top. Luckily the yogi toes is now getting used. It has been out of comission for awhile.

Anyway, my practice was good. I was able to bing in Marich. C on both sides; which was a first. I kept my practice a little light; just stepping back rather than jumping back (for most vinyasas) saving some of my energy; and trying to build stamina.
Made it to backbending; was able to do 3 on my own and with help managed 3 drop backs. It was intense; but felt great.

So this weekend I head back to Asheville for weekend 6 of training. We actually have a training weekend twice this month! I finished my paper and I am almost done with Miracle of Mindfulness by TNH.

So I am looking forward to the weekend. I can't believe we are almost done. In May it will be complete. I am debating on driving up early on Friday to attend the Jivamukti Class at AYC. My housemate went last time and said it was a really really good class. So I think I want to try it. I don't think anyone in Georiga offers Jivamukti Classes. I have the book and DVD (christmas present) I find it interesting and alluring for some reason. Perhaps because SKP Jois was one of Sharon and David's teachers. And when we went by their studio in NYC it was just captivating. There was a mix up when we went to the studio and we missed the class we intended to take. So we opted for tea in their cafe.
PLUS I like Sharon's book a lot. Yoga and Vegetarianism.

Well...lots of work to do and need to enjoy the rest of my day!
Hope you do the same!


Rachel said...

I hope you have a great birthday! I have loved my 30s so so much so far, I hope you do :)

ArkieYogini said...

Happy birthday! I'm approaching 30 as well...actually kind of looking forward to it. Things just get better with age right? :)

YogaMaendy said...

Happy Birthday!!!