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Friday, March 12, 2010

Practice, Practice, Practice...

Reminder from my teacher:
It's a lot of work to travel down this path and you have to: 1) Have faith in it. Believe in it. See how others have benefited from it and keep reminding yourself that it works! 2) Choose to do the work and stay with it. Doubt in the practice and in yourself will get you no where.

Thought I would share. :) As she is always very inspiring to me.
Which is interesting because she sent me this some time last week. And on Sunday evening I attended Sangha where we talked about the 5 Hindrances in Theravada Buddhism: Sensory Desire, Ill will/Anger, Sloth and Torpor, Worry/Restlessness, Doubt.

I seem to always make it up to....Worry and doubt. Those are my 2 hindrances that I never get past. I think I have a good hold on the first 3 (although the sloth likes to appear from time to time) :)

On a different note: Friday morning I made it to the studio for Mysore practice. A few days away from the practice and I was worried. But it was a pretty good practice. I had some pretty good binds and dropbacks. Plus got my nose to my knee in the Janu's.

Saturday night we had the Partnering for Humanity Event. It went pretty well! It was a fun partner class and my partner was Rawls!

Sunday was a bit of a lazy morning. Then we headed to Sangha. It was a blissful hour long meditation and 2+ hours of dharma teachings. I really enjoy being in Bhante's presence; and being there with my husband is a great way to strengthen your connection.

This morning I was up and out the door at 5:30 for Mysore again. Even though it was a moon day. My practice was pretty good; it was definitely what I needed!

Some little accomplishments in Utthita Hasta Padangustasana; Reached my nose to my thigh in that! Plus my nose to my thigh in Paschimottanasana. So for me that is huge. I am more "back bendy" I have a sway back and those types of moves don't harbor me that much. But forward folding for me...has been difficult. The hamstrings say NO! But with consistent practice they are opening up a good bit; but it takes those 10 sun salutes in the beginning to get them going!

I was also able to touch both toes in Badha Padmasana! (Bound Lotus)

Little by little my body is opening back up to the primary series.

However, I am on this antibiotic that is making me feel so FUNKY! Dislike dislike, but it is the only that does the job :(

Other than is good. Busy! I need to put the finishing touches on my 2 papers due! And Study!! Okay--happy monday!

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Eco Yogini said...

Happy Monday!

Sounds like your teacher is finely attuned to her students :) so wonderful!