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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This week has been so intense. My weekend was intense, my office has been intense. Just so much "intensity"
I think that affected my practice a bit today during mysore practice at Balance. I was present; very sleepy and very heavy.
M and I taked after my practice and it did occur to me that it was probably due to my 9:30pm dinner...that is what I get for working until 8:30pm at the office. No more of that!

My practice was heavy; like I mentioned. Once I got to Surya Namasakar B I knew it was going to be that kind of practice. But of course I received some great tips to work on; like the cycling of my feet. Something I've worked on for a long time. As a child I walked with my toes pointed out (imagine heels together and toes pointing out...kind of like a V) Well apparenlty my mom had to buy special shoes and all... Well that has carried over with the external rotation of my thighs in everything I do...sitting, standing, etc... Which contributes to my sciatia flairups...
And I think it also carries over to my practice. Like trying to pin down my pinkie toes in updog or in triang mukhaikapada paschimottanasana.

I think there is a disconnect between my brain and my tailbone and my brain and my pinkie toes. :)

I've been working from home today. Tonight I am headed to Decatur to work on a yoga project. I will give more info on that later.
Okay more work to be done. Updates this weekend :)

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