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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Workshops, Mexico...a girl can daydream

Yesterday I went to Mysore at Balance.
Not a lot of changes in my practice. Still working up to Marchi. D. Can't bind yet!
But I was given lots of wonderful tips to work on in my practice from my teacher.
Things that you always notice you are doing; but becoming habits and not good ones.
Like my tailbone (that thing has a mind of its own!) and some good suggestions for improving my chattarunga.
Today, My hamstrings are reminding me what Mysore practice feels like.

Speaking of Ashtanga Balance has some new people on their workshop list this year!!!
Check it out; Kino next week, Tim Feldman this Summer and Paul Dallaghan in May!
If only money grew on trees I could spend my time going to so many amazing workshops.

Also AYC has a HUGE list of people this year. Some of which include: Chandra Om, Bryan Kest, and Doug Keller.

And what I wouldn't give to go to Maya Talum for a week with Stephanie during Thanksgiving!!
But we will see where the cards fall.
Work is picking up and if things continue it might might might (slightest of slight chance) actually work out where I can go?? I am staying open to the idea.

Plus I have to travel to the great midwest this year (Chicago) to see dear friends and my little niece and nephews too! So I will roll with the punches and see what turns up!

So, remaining present--back to the now- I woke up with a major headache (sinuses) and decided to work from home today. Right not I am enjoying coffee and catching up on emails. About to do a short yoga practice and then get to work.
Lots to do before I head to Asheville tomorrow for week 5 of Teacher training. Officially we are over the 1/2 way mark. Can't believe it.
Lots of changes in these last few months (more internal than external)

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