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Monday, February 8, 2010

Pure Joy

What a wonderful weekend!!

Friday I drove up to the beautiful Mountains for Yoga teacher training part 5. We only have 2 visits in March, 1 in April and one is May. Then We graduate!! It is flying by.

Friday & Saturday we spent with Shala. She is truly wonderful.
Friday we did our typicaly check in then we did some restorative/yin poses and then discussions on the Gita.

Saturday was yin/yang class, more Gita/Vedas discussions, The sutras discussions, working with forearm balance, before lunch we did a 20 min Yoga Nidra. After lunch was a video of Sharon Gannon & David Life. Then later that evening was an introduction to Chakras and a yoga sequence and meditation for the Chakras.
The visual meditation was wonderful.

Saturday most of the ladies headed out for Thai food. I went back to our house. Ate some food and took a lovely hot shower and read. It was nice getting a few quiet solitude moments in the hectic weekend.

Sunday we worked with another teacher in the Iyengar Tradition working on shoulderstand and headstand.

Then we got to spend some time with Stephanie; whom I adore more and more each time we work with her. She cranked up some fun music and we did a master inversion class working with forearm balance (pincha), Handstand and headstand. Lots of flow and hips in there too!

Then we ended with the Gayatri mantra (which we always do when Stephanie ends the weekend)

I am sure I am missing something...but it was a great weekend.
I only got one photo!

Stephanie is truly amazing, to me anyway. She is a jewel in my yogic path. I am lucky to have found so many wonderful people. She will always have an impact on my practice.

So, I said good-bye to Asheville for a few weeks and headed home. I listened to my saints play on the radio and made it home just in time for that insane on sides kick. My husband, Chai and I hung out and enjoyed the victory. Received calls and texts from family memebers. History was made :)


Namaste_Heather said...

This post brings back memories of Teacher Training! The weekends were always so hectic, but what a time it was. Enjoy every moment of it!

Rachel said...

What a lovely picture - sounds like and awesome weekend.

Can't believe how quickly your training is passing by.