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Sunday, February 14, 2010


What a weekend of weather!
Friday evening I had plans to attend Kino MacGregors Demo, meditation and discussion. But 4 inches of snow in my driveway and the roads surrounding my home decided I had a different set of plans :(
I was able to make it to Kino's Mysore class today at balance
It was a packed studio and I was lucky enough to practice next to my teacher M.
My actual practice was okay. I did realize at one point I had forgetten 2 postures.
Oh well, I reminded myself...non-attahment and keep going.
I was the first one completed in the room. My practice runs about an hour since I stop at Marichyasana D. I asked M before class if I should only practice up to Marich D and she said yes.
So I went onto closing and then I was done. It was great to practice among friends and with my teacher and with Kino whom just fills a room with light.

I was sad that I didn't attend the entire weekend like I had hoped. But lack of funds kept me from signing up and it sold out pretty quick.
I am blessed enough to have been there today.

After practice I went to Whole Foods and grabbed a quick bite and headed home. I did come home to some sad news. But "this too shall pass" and I will deal with the sadness.

I am looking forward to a good week. We are looking at getting MORE snow in the morning too!

Be Safe & stay warm!!!


Tracy said...

may the sadness make you stronger and know that you are loved! xxx

Emma said...

hope all is well... and you are well, too