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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birthday Celebrations!

In my house the next two weeks are Birthday Celebrations! No real parties or gifts, but my husbands birthday is this Saturday!

I teach 2 classes on Saturday but then we will probably head to the movies and maybe dinner? I'd love to get some friends together for maybe Green Sprout!
In one week and a few days I will be celebrating my 31st!

For my birthday the only thing I would like from my family or yoga! Of course lol!

Class Card at Balance Yoga and maybe the Matthew Sweeny- Ashtanga as it is book Which you can buy at Balance too! or at Amazon Or class card at Ashtanga Yoga Atlanta (pretty much the only other studio I go to from time to time)

I am not asking for gifts...I don't expect any either. But in case the family is reading and is inspired to get me something...there you go!

So 31....I can't believe it because most days I still don't feel over 25. I do sleep more and do more married-lady stuff. But on the inside I feel 25.

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Rachel said...

Ah Flo, I'm 36 in June and I still feel 18 inside :D

Happy birthday to hubby (and you in a couple of weeks!)