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Thursday, July 30, 2009


So this week has been busy. Work is crazy end-of-the-month-madness. Plus my boss is at the beach :)
I taught Yoga on Tuesday and it was a fun and full class. I teach tonight and plan to get to the gym a little early to do a 20 min practice.
I have been getting up in the morning to do a short asana practice followed by meditation. It is amazing the energy you can feel when you just sit.
I had a horrible headache yesterday so I skipped going to Flow Yoga class, I hope to go to Led Ashtanga on Friday instead.

What else....we are off of racing the next month! Denver doesn't ride again until September. So that is nice.
Oh yes; and Mrs. Chai has been a handful this week. Not listening, running away in the yard (with 6 acres she really isnt' running away just running away from where I can comfortably see her. )
She isn't coming when I call her AND...AND she pooped in the house last night after I took her out and she decided to reinact that again this morning after I took her out.
But look at this face (this was her expression after I caught her this morning) you can't be mad at that face!

I am looking forward to the weekend!! Not much planned. Just the ususal hanging out, reading books for teacher training, relaxing.
Saturday is the Quarterly Zazenkai for Zenspace.
It is an all day meditation session with breaks in between. Denver and I have always been at the race track when the hold them. I am going to email them to see if they still need volunteers to help out.
Den and I are not sure how long we will stay and meditate. Maybe for an hour and take a break and come back.
The idea of spending a day in meditation really sounds relaxing to me at this point in my life.
It sounds almost blissful. Maybe to get that time in with myself and really just drop everything and re-group.
I am getting old and becoming a crunchy hippie...I just know it. But I love it.

Oh yes and Thich Nhat Hanh will be in Mississippi this September. Denver and I are 95% positive we are going to drive down and camp out at their onsite camping grounds and attend the Day of Mindfulness in English.

Well...not much else. Life is flowing, my yoga is flowing, trying to keep the energy flowing and the love too.

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Sharper said...

she's showing her teefers! lol awww
She knows how to work it