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Monday, July 6, 2009

Yin and the Yang

I decided to not go to yoga class today on Friday. Mainly for budgeting reasons. The hour drive to the studio, the drop in fee, the drive home. I wanted to go to the studio but I need to be practical. I also need to save money for the speeding ticket I got!
I did a home practice instead.

Firday was a relazing day at the house. Watching movies & Reading.
Saturday I taught a fun group of people yoga. 9 People total and I had newbies in class!
After Class we ran some errands to get groceries then flopped at the house. Cooked lunch and watched I am Legend and then Creature from the Black Lagoon.
I did a yin practice to end my night. It was an hour of holding postures for 5 minutes and I really enjoyed the DVD. Sarah gave some insight on the meredian system and a really nice Sivasana after a 47 min. Practice.
Sunday we woke up early and headed to Zenspace for Meditation followed by tea and discussion/lecture. It was nice. We came home, made lunch, hung out and I read a TON of stuff. I finished Light on Yoga (just skimming the Asanas now) and a good portion of the Erich Schiffman Book. He has practiced with so many people But I really like it so far. It is pretty much saying he has learned from so many people and treasures all that he learned. But he never felt like he was doing yoga. He was doing someone elses yoga until he finally started listening to the teacher within.

Which brings back everything I am reading. Pretty much to sum it up: All is within. You just need to listen.

Today has been overly stressful at work. My co-worker/teammate is still out (she returns tomorrow) and my boss was out today. So covering their calls/desk/emails as well as my own. I am ready for dinner, PJs and chilling out.


Yoga Chickie said...

I just wanted to tell you that I think you are beautiful and that it is horrible that anyone wrote to you to insult you. I mean, WHY??? So sorry you had to deal with that.

Flo said...

Thank you for such a kind response!