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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lots and Lots of...Stuff

So this week has been…interesting.
Monday- not very eventful
Tuesday- had a meeting in Atlanta. Paid a $400 ticket. Then I headed to teach yoga. When I went to crank my car to head to the gym…the battery was dead. My boss jump-started my car. Off to yoga I went. The class was smaller (about 6 people) with 2 newbies!
After class…the jetta didn’t start. So I had to get help again. After driving an hour home I tried to re-crank it in the driveway. Dead as dead can be.
So I am driving Denver’s truck this week. I am lucky we have a 2nd vehicle (he has a work truck he uses day to day) But his truck doesn’t get good gas mileage. My car rocks at that (diesel) I drive 48 miles one way to work…so it adds up.
Since I didn’t want to drive it into Atlanta last night for yoga I went to a Spin class at the gym instead (free membership)
The class got me sweating for sure. I am not sore today, I thought my thighs would be. The only thing that is sore is my butt and my right knee and shoulder…not sure what that is about.

I was trying to add a bit more cardio into my activities. I hear Nicole now “add more vinyasas”
So tonight I teach again at the gym. I plan to get in 20 min early to get in some asana. After yoga I might get on the treadmill…or just do some vinyasas.

There are a few personal goals I am working on:
Giving up Alcohol—completely. I never drink a lot. Just lately I come home to find that Denver has opened a bottle of wine for us to have with dinner. Or sometimes I come in the door to find a drink already poured for me. It is a sweet gesture. He is trying to make our evening relaxing (or he is trying to get lucky) but regardless…I just don’t want to drink. So I need to talk with him and work on that.

Vegan- I am trying to go back to Vegan. I’ve been Vegetarian for 4 years. One of those 4 years I was vegan. But…I fell of the wagon. Cheese is evil. But I read an article in Vegtimes about “Confessions of a Chesse-aholic” which I know I am. I also really love the idea of vegan cooking. Granted it requires more time in the kitchen…but I know what I am eating if I cook it.

Strength Building- Just wanting to build more core strength and over all body strength. Not sure where this is coming from and why I am having the urge to do more vigiours activities lately. Maybe just pent up energy? But I just want to be active and that isn’t normally like me. I mean I love yoga and it is VERY active. But I find myself loving power yoga classes. I sweat unbeleiveably but feel amazing after. It is a challenge because I am no picture of healthy and not a power house. I just like the feeling of clean healthy body.

Okay..enough rambling and ranting!

OHHHH Chai has a vet appointment tomorrow. She is getting fixed!

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Anonymous said...

there was just a pretty info-packed thread on moving away from cheese on the lj vegetarian community :)