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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Trusting the Flow....

Now more than ever I am turning inward; truly listening to that inner voice (not the voices in my head silly!) But my true voice, true self?? It was brought about through my teacher training over the last few months.

Slowly opening up more. Listening more. Trying to be receptive.

But now more than ever I think I need that part of myself. I think that part of me is needed to keep the peace in myself to keep the balance in my life. Some days I want the Ashtanga Practice. Some days the Flow is nice. But, I am just at a place in my practice where things are shifting and I am doing my best to trust.

I am hopeful for 2010 and looking forward to finishing my training by May. It has been transformative thus far and I am curious where it is taking me.


Eco Yogini said...

what a beautiful crescent moon :)

listening to yourself is so important, but we often forget... or tune out that inner voice.

Thanks for reminding me of mine :)

Many Blessings in 2010!

Anonymous said...

Nice post...Happy New year :)

Helen said...

Hi Flo,

Sounds like your having a great time connecting with yourself and your practice. Getting on the mat is all that matters, what you do when you get there unravels....

Emma said...

what is your teacher training in, specifically?



Flo said...

My training is in Vinyasa Flow Yoga.
If you look at Stephanie Keach's Website: or at her studios site

You will see that it is a non-dogmatic approach.
We've touched on several styles so far. She brings in teachers from many different Certifications to teach each weekend. (It is one weekend a month for 9 monts)
We also have an anatomy teacher and so on. It is drastically changing my view on yoga as a lifestyle and my approach to my personal practice and how I teach as well.