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Friday, January 15, 2010

Lose it....

This morning I rolled out of bed at 4:45 AM. Well I woke up at 4:15 sooo thirsty so I got up and drank a ton of water. Then I was really UP at 4:45 getting dressed and ready to head to Atlanta.
Walked Chai, grabbed my tea and headed to
Mysore Practice at Balance Yoga Atlanta.
The drive up was about 50 min. which is enough time to drink tea and wake up.
I was the first one at the studio so Marsha and I have a moment to catch up and talk about my lack of Primary series practice lately :)
So we decided I would work up to
Marichasana C. Since I can't fully bind in that yet.

My actual practice was a bit on the sluggish side. I should have expected it though. I tried to stay positive because even being there was an accomplishment. Some progression in poses some steps backwards in others. But it happens.
When you don’t use it you lose it. And in my personal home practice I noticed I am not “using it” as much as I used to in Ashtanga.

So at the end of practice ever student gets a yummy gift of a cool peppermint towel. A wash cloth they soak in water with peppermint oil and place in their fridge. It is nice when you are sweaty and going into Savasana.

One good thing is I was able to make it to 20 breaths in sirsasana (headstand) and come down with straight legs. :)
Practice, practice, practice.

So I am at the office working away.


Helen said...

waking up and making it to practice is definitely an accomplishment, a cool towel, how lovely.

cassie said...

awesome you can get up so early kudos to you. my idea of early is 11 a.m. on a good day! haha. keep it up...