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Monday, January 11, 2010

Snowy mountain tops and lots and lots of yoga!

This past weekend was the 4th weekend of our 9 month teacher training at Asheville Yoga Center.

It was SO much fun and both physically and mentally draining. In the good way. From discussion on Nutrition, Ashtanga Yoga, Anglea Farmer, Restoartive and so on.

But the training was awesome. My favorite weekend yet. From beginning to end it challenged me. And we eneded with a full primary series class. Wow. Stephanies approach to that practice is so light hearted. I mean it is a sweaty demanding practice regardless of who teaches it. But she made us giggle and laugh several times through and that made is a little more exciting.

My jump backs and everything was no way in tip top shape. I can tell I've not been practicing the Primary Series as much as I had hoped. But things are shifting and I am not going to fight it. I am trying to really embrace this training. It will be over before I know it and I want to gain whatever is avaialable.

However, it made me wish I lived in Asheville. I literally daydreamed about how it could actually work out. But we have 6 acres here and the whole trip reminded me to make the most of what I have in my life. Denver and I are talking about some ideas for our land. After this weekend I am really really considering doing a Hoop house this spring? With all the veggies we could think of!!Denver has a really good green thumb. (Not me!)

So this weekend was everything I truly needed to get grounded and back on track. The weather was so cold and it snowed very lightly but the remains from the previous weeks snow storm was very visable.

I truly love Asheville. It is a place of many happy things thus far. Looking forward to the next few months!

So a few pictures from the weekend:

Stephanie showing the Ashtanga Float forward
Student assits in the floating forward

Beuatiful Camel pose
Bow Adjustments


Eco Yogini said...

very cool!!!! LOVE the float forward :)

I'm so glad the weekend refreshed your resolve!

I would love to have a garden with fresh veggies someday too...

Rachel said...

Your training sounds wonderful!

It's sometimes so hard to appreciate what we have right now - the grass is always greener. Despite having planned for ages to move to Cambridge now I'm here I keep thinking about going back to Australia.

Must concentrate on that mindfulness thing! :) x