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Friday, October 30, 2009

Opening, Mysore & my Anniversary!

So the grand opening of Lotus went very well last night. I believe there were 30-40 something people coming and going through out the night. It was a lovely evening with really lovely vegan food.
The space looks amazing and we met a lot of the wonderful business owners in the are and some new potential students!
I am very excited and looking forward to being there and taking classes!
Here is one of the only photos I did get of the evening (there was another photographer there)

Elizabeth, Anne, Yvette & Me.

I got home late; in bed by 12:00 something. I was up again at 5:00am this morning and headed to Mysore at Balance.
My teacher was there and the studio was buzzing with lots of ujjayi breathing. And pretty warm too. I started my practice and could tell my body was a bit tired from only 5 hours of sleep. So I only did 1/2 primary up to Navasana then went into closing. I had a lovely adjustment in my backbending.
My new mat did a great job. It did get a bit slick bc it was the first class I've used it at. So I washed it today with some teatree oil and water to get that slickness off and it should be find by next weeks mysore practice.
I plan/hope to get there once a week for mysore (while keeping up my daily practice at home on the other days)
It was great to practice so early and be home in time to work by 9:00. I really love that!

This weekend also marks my 6th Wedding Anniversary and 9 years with my husband.
I <3 you Denver!


Tracy said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Denver! Have a wonderful day together~~ xo

Sarah said...

Hi, which music do you use during your home practice and when you teach? Any recommendations or favourites?


Flo said...

Sarah- I use a variety of music. For Ashtanga I typically use music with less lyrics. Something like Dharma Mittra's Hum Sa and Om Namah Shiva. It is just light and long enough for a good long practice.
On days I do vinyasa or teach vinyasa I have a few playlists that include music from MC Yogi (for the more powerful piece of practice) and a lot of Wah! and Krishna Das. Hope that helps!