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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Work & Yoga

So much is going on! Many good things and tryign to get my head around them all.
Friday was my last day at the office. It was a ghost town. It was very hard to tell my close friends and co-workers bye. But we will all cross paths again.
I received many sweet hugs, some yummy cookies from my boss' wife and we went to lunch.

What else. I went to Ashtanga class on Friday night after work. It was wonderful. My practice was rusty but being back at Balance was lovely and seeing my teacher just gave me the extra energy and inspiration I needed. I am so lucky to have an amazing teacher. I am also lucky to have my BFFL Nicole.
I've been going through some rough times and my teacher is helping me through practice and Listening. Nicole is helping me by being there and talking with me and just being my amazing friend.

I am just filled with love.

OH yes....teacher training next week! NEXT WEEK! I will be traveling to Asheville and loving the fall weather and new beginnings and learning soo much!

Also, I am set up and ready to roll on my new job. I am doing some online training and have to go up to North Georgia later this week to meet the team.

I am also helping out a fellow friend as she begins to open Newnan's very first and only Yoga & Meditation Studio!!
I was very blessed because she has asked me to teach a few classes at the studio. The studio is lovely and has wonderful charm. It is in the perfect part of Newnan and she is giving the place a wonderful feel.
The grand opening of Lotus Yoga & Meditation is October 29th! The first classes begin November 1st. We are trying to iron out the schedule. But please if you are in the area come by for the opening or a class!
It is less than 15 min. from my home and I am so happy for her. She is going to make it a wonderful place to practice yoga and meditation!!

Anyway! Here are a few photos from the studio. More to come!
It is a very old building on the Square in Downtown Historic Newnan.

Looking towards the front of the Yoga/Meditation Room

Corner of the front of the room (where you would be teaching from)

One of the alters

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