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Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Challenge

So..I thought I would participate in this 31 day yoga challenge via Cyndi Lee's Blog
Considering I start my teacher training in less than 2 weeks I figured why not join in. I am trying to get on my mat daily and with the recent changes with my job now is the best time to start new healthy habits.

Over the last 3 weeks with the stress from work and the unstable feelings I've had; well it took a toll on me physcially, emotionally and affected my practice. Pretty much...I haven't practiced. I've fit in maybe 1 practice a week.
I needed yoga these last few weeks but just couldn't seem to get on my mat. So many other things were pressing and unsure and just left my mind numb.

So. New job, Teacher Training, New perspective on a lot of things.

So here is the recap of my last fews days on my mat.

Using some of the sequences from the back of Yoga Body/Buddha Mind and incorporating the fundamental poses reviewed in Erich Schfifmans Book Yoga: the Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness

Thursday October 1st:
I arrived to the gym about 20 min. prior to teaching my class. I turned on one of my relaxing playlists and flowed. I did a very basic beginners sequence. At the end I added in some hip openers for good measure.

Friday October 2nd:
I was pressed for time really. I was able to fit in just 15 min. I did 3 sun salutes, Warrior I & II and headstand.

Saturday October 3rd:
I slept in on Saturday so I opted for an evening practice. I went with Erich's book going over some of his fundamental poses: Standing Forward Fold, Standing Side Stretch, Down Dog, Bridge and Sage Twist.

Today--I haven't practice yet. I spent the morning cleaning my house which really needed it. Remember I was super stressed these past few weeks...the house suffered during that time. But the house is spick and span and I am showered and feeling okay. Feeling like things are falling into place.
So tonight I intend to get on my mat in full gratitude for what has unfolded these past few days. I intend to do the fundamental poses from Erich's book (since his book is part of my teacher training I want to focus on that)

I will do my best to post my daily practice. But if you are joining in on this challenge best of luck!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekened.
I am off to eat home made salsa and chips while reading.


Tracy said...

you have done well with the obstacles that were surrounding you...
and now you can take a nice Deep Breath and be ready for Monday~

I Wish I could join you on your Yoga Challenge...
after two more weeks, and my Marathon is over, I plan on it!
I am feeling a bit "guilty" wearing my "Practice for the children Pendant" and not Practicing my Yoga~~~ ;0)

Namaste my friend~

Emma said...


I just started a yoga blog, posting a sequence a day for yogis and yoginis to use in their home practice or at their studios.

I'm looking for guest bloggers to post their favorite sequence or sequences. I'd be happy to link to your blog and studio website.

My blog is

Any advice for a new blogger is also much appreciated :)