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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This weeks practice so far...

So we are journaling our daily yoga/meditation practice. Thought I would just share some notes here. This wont be a daily post. Just a starting point to reference.
Just some notes from my practice this week:

Asana 30 min
Did a varied vinyasa pracitce incorporating Sun Salutes (low lunge) with vinyasa in between. Also working in Shalabasana.
Trikonasana and Parvritta Trikonasana.
Utkatasana into Squatting
Pashimottanasana twice for low back pain
Janu A
Pigeon on both sides
5 min. sivasana

10 Min Seated meditation counting the breaths

Tuesday: Took my 1 day off for this week (too busy with work)

Asana 45 min
Seated Neck rools
Down Dog with kapalabhati breathing
3 Sun Salutes - 1 moving into Prayer Twist (Parsvakonasana)
In between sun salutes I did a vinysasa incoporating Shalabasana (this is my assigned pose)
Squat 6 breaths
Parivritta Trikonasana
Vrikasana (Tree)
Vinyasa into Bow 2 times
Paschimottansana (forward fold)
Janu A
Ardha Matsyendrasana
Gomukasana to Navasana
Urdhva Dahnuransana 3 times
Forward fold then Baddhakonasna
Shoulder Stand
I worked on Sirsasana and Pincha

Meditation 10 min. mediation in easy sitting pose counting breaths from 50 to 1.

Notes from today: Upper back was very tight and tense. Did not allow for me to move into Plow Pose. Forward folds were rough.


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