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Sunday, August 9, 2009


Chai is home.
She did great with her surgery and was very drugged up when I picked her up on Saturday morning. She slept most of the day and only perked up when Nicole called last night.
Anyone who has ever met my dog knows she is food driven. She is very nice and not agressive with her food habits. But she will do anything for a treat!
Last night when I fixed her dinner...she would eat a few bites then come curl up next to me, then go back about 15 min. later and eat a little more. It took her close to 2.5 hours to finish her dinner. That is not much Chai. that dog cleans her bowl in something like 3 min. flat!
Today she has more energy, was happy to walk outside on the leash and I gave her a treat today to eat on her pillow. She is getting back to normal.
Yesterday was pretty lazy. We didnt' do much. Denver did pick up my battery and he has to put it in the Jetta today.

He is being very supportive of me switching back to Vegan. He is eating up all the non-vegan items like the cheese and eggs this morning. There wasn't much left. But we keeps eggs for our Lizard too; she eats boiled eggs.
Anyway, he even brought me home some vegan choclate yesterday. He said he will eat Vegan at home and when we go out probably treat himself. It is all his choice; I am just glad he isn't giving me a hard time. He is good at that when he wants to be.
He has asked me why I decided to go back and it was cool that he even cared enough to ask. So I expained it to him and he said it made sense.

Anyway! We attempted to make Vegan Ribs last night.
Denver said it was a good first attempt and he ate almost all of them. I wasn't too happy with them. But I am not a HUGE Seitan fan. I am trying to get used to making it and use it more vs. tofu. So I am reading online how to work on my Seitan creation.
But today I am making Buffalo Tofu. :)

Not much else going on. I am reading for training...which is in 2 months!!!


Eco Yogini said...

I'm glad Chai is recovering well! That's awesome that Denver is so supportive of your change and willing to try new foods! :)

Just wanted to let you know that I gave you a little award :)


Tracy said...

Isn't it a wonderful thing to have such a supportive and understanding husband?! I do as well, and it is quite the blessing~
So glad Chai is home now and getting all better!! Our little people who wear fur them so much!!! xo