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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lover of the Weekends

Weekends are so relaxing most of the time.
Today I slept in (Denver had to work this morning)
When I did get up I ate breakfast, cleaned the house and the made a version of these Cashew Balls I have a different recipe. I used dates, Cashews, Raisins and a little agave to keep it all together and then rolled them in Coconut. The remind me a of Arden Garden's Fuzzy Kisses Which I love but are pricy.
Here is a photo:

So I made a batch of these to stick in my lunch this week. We have a training all day on Monday and they are catering lunch. I doubt there will be many vegan options; maybe fruit. So some snacks will help!
I also found this lunch box at the grocery. It is not the laptop lunch kit that I want. But this was not expensive (under $10) and will work just fine. I just need something to bring several items and keep the seperate.

Anyway, today after I cleaned and cooked I practiced yoga. I made it a point to not have expectations and just flow. I did about 45 min. of some vinyasas and whatever my body felt it needed. It was nice. I tried to sit and mind was non-stop.
So...I did laundry and the dishes. Now just relaxing.
Tonight for dinner I am making Taco Lasagna and hanging out with my husband and pup. We have a few movies we want to watch.
I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

Just a random photo Denver took of me earlier this week practicing. Trying to work on Side Crow. I just wish I could get Crow as well. I always slip. When I see photos of Asana it makes me aware. For instance in this photo I need to work on lifting my chest more.

Oh yes...2 months to the day I will be at the first weekend of Yoga Teacher Training! I am really going to focus the next 2 months in preperation. :)

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