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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

7 Tidbits...

So I received a meme award from Eco Yogini
Thank you much for your kind words!

So…this award entitles me to share 7 tidbits about myself :

7 Tidbits about me….
1. I am an Identical Twin- my sister & I were born 2 months early (I believe that is right) my mother was in a car accident and they thought everything was okay. My sister was only 2.5 pounds and I was 3 pounds. We were tiny. My sister didn’t make it and I was in a incubator for a month or so. My lungs were not fully developed. My sister is buried next to my Grandpa and Grandma in Louisiana.
2. I am named after both of my grandmothers: Flo Caroline
3. I went to 3 highschools in a matter of 3.5 years (which lead to me graduating early and going to Junior College because I hated the idea of starting over again in my Senior year in a whole new state—We moved from Louisiana to Joliet, Illinois)
4. My husband and I met on Halloween in 2000 and were married on Halloween in 2003.
5. I have 3 fully functioning Kidneys but have had several Kidney Stones (before I changed my diet and lifestyle)
6. I am fully devoted to the path of yoga as a way to live my life. Yoga brought me out of a very sad, dark time and into a place of growth. I continue to grow (as we all do) some days I take 2 steps back and others I feel as if I’ve Leaped forward. But in the end yoga makes this life almost blissful. This path helps me connect with the divine and live my life more fully than I ever thougth was possible.
7. I am very drawn to Buddhism- Learning more about Zen and Theravada

I need to pick 7 bloggers to tag for this meme...but I hate to put pressure on anyone. So the meme is for the takin'


Eco Yogini said...

what interesting tidbits! Thank you very much for sharing :)
I think it's cool that you and your husband got married on Halloween- my favourite holiday!

Rachel said...

Number 1 made me tear up a little. My close friend had twins a couple of years ago and the little boy didn't make it :'(

I have to ask though.... 3 kidneys??

Flo said...

My husband & I Love the fall so Halloween just seemed perfect.
No costumes at the wedding though.

3 Kidneys--Yep. Not super uncommong suprisingly.
I didn't find out until my mid-late 20's when I kept getting Kidney infections/pain.