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Friday, April 16, 2010

Yoga, yoga yoga...

Had a pretty awesome mysore practice this morning. Nothing crazy Asana wise; although I am improving on my transitions and dropbacks (I need to work on both a little more on my own time outside of the practice)
Starting to see the same people every mysore morning and that is refreshing. A fellow student was talking about her pups this morning. One boxer and one french bulldog; thus we immediatly bonded over furry babies. I love my furrbaby. I need to post some new photos of her. She is stinkier and cuter than ever...

I felt amazing after practice; my wrist was a little wonky in the beginning but really grounding evenly through the palm helped stabalize it a bit.
After a super sweaty practice I cleaned up and headed to work. On my way out I ran into an old fellow monday night mysore student (from over a year ago when we would practice mysore in the little room with 7 of us shoved in there--it was our own little monday night meet up...and it was awesome) It was good to see her. Then I ran into another dear friend; one that I traveled with to Islamorada a few years ago in hopes of practicing with Guruji but he fell ill.
It was great to see her. The community around a studio is pretty amazing. I think I've been practicing with M and the studio since 2007. Such a great yoga family.

This weekend:
Saturday - Teach at 11 and 12, Dogwood festival with Denver & JP
Sunday- Mysore practice at 10, Assisting class at 12

I need to put the final touches on my final paper, gathern my homework for teacher training next weekend! Only 2 more weekends (April & May) and I graduate! :)


Y is for Yogini said...

Woot - two weeks until graduation = AWESOME! You'll have to do a celebratory grad post. :) I'm in TT now, too (week 5 of 14) and what an incredible ride! One of the best decisions I've ever, ever made.

Emma said...

it's nice how it can become a community, no