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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yoga Blog roll

I would have never found this blog list without the help of Joy of Yoga! This awesome extensive blog roll list is great (not because I am on it...) but there are a ton of great blogs and sites listed.

I was surprised to see I made the list, that is really nice!
So in yoga news; I am putting the finishing touches on my final paper for teacher training. My subject is Yoga and Buddhism. I am also building my sequence to teach, learning my sun salute (which is funny because I was assigned Ashtanga Surya Namaskar A- one I do know pretty well. Although I was kind of liking the Traditional Sun Salute- reminds me of Dharma Mittra's classes.

Today I made it to morning mysore practice at was a rough practice today and I know it was because of lack of sleep and I was just due for an off practice. It was time. So I am glad that is out of the way! :)
I was a ball of mush once I got to backbending; but I made it through. Thank goodness!

I think I am doing something wrong in two things (and need to talk to my teacher about it) Chattarung- done the right way is feeling better; it is harder, but I still feel a bit of pain in my upper right arm. My headstands have been a bit "off" and I think it is tweaking my neck muscles. They are pretty sore I need to be more mindful and pay attention.

Not much else to report. Besides the city of Atlanta was in a nice yellowish-green fog today. My silver car has a new paint job. Love the spring in Atlanta; and the Pollen is just a by-product. :)


Claudia said...

Thanks for the link, very interesting list! :-) there were a few I did not know... more to read!

Emma said...

word. thanks for the name drop. i feel famous :)