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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fresh Start

Hi Wordpress, where have you been my entire blogging life??

I decided to make a move over to wordpress from my Blogger Account! Many reasons; but the main reasons is the additional features Wordpress allows such as "pages" so I can provide future students with my schedule! Another reason is a fresh start. Next month I will be graduating from my training. I know this will not be the end of my yogic path and learning opportunities. I am considering signing up for my 500hour with Stephanie and there are many many workshops in the future!

But, I wanted a fresh start with a nice neat new blog!

I am excited; because the future is wide open and many things are starting to change around me. I hope to start teaching more classes around Newnan after my training is complete. I head up to Asheville this weekend for the 8th weekend/month of training. It is our last weekend of actual asana and practice.

This weekend will include:
  • Sutra Discussions

  • Gentle Yoga class

  • Master Flow Yoga class

  • Student Teachings

  • Meditation and Silence from Saturday evening until Sunday morning at 8:30 am

  • More Meditation

  • Pheonix Rising Yoga

In May we go back to take our final exam (totally paranoid about that) and for graduation.

Also remember to check out Asheville Yoga Blog! I will be submitting posts from time to time. I recenlty published a brief piece on Spring Cleaning your Yoga Mat!


Terra said...

FYI- blogspot has the 'page' feature now- I use it on both of my blogspot blogs:
if you want to see.
Otherwise good luck with your fresh start and exploring the other side of your journey!

Emma said...

as a side note, my boyfriend worked out a way to make pages on blogger.. so if youre not set on switching over i guess there is a way for that!

Lauren Hanft said...

Hi there!
I just had a question for you and was wondering the best way to reach you!


Flo said...

Lauren- I have a new blog over here You can also email me at flosheffield at gmail dot com.